Is Winstars Blockchain-based Gambling any Good

The use of blockchain in various establishment seems to be still expanding. Due to the high security provided and the decentralization of the control, most establishments have come to trust the blockchain platform in recent years. Winstars is the hot new player in this field.

Is It Relevant to Create Blockchain Projects in 2018?

Only 8% of the 80’000 block-projects are actively working. At the same time, the life expectancy of the others does not exceed 1.2 years. This is stated in the study of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technologies (CAICT) on industry trends. In that way, there arises a question, whether it is relevant to start such a project and whether it will be successful and bring any profit.

Tips For Those Who Want to Invest in ICO in 2018

Currently, there are more than 1,000 kinds of tokens available on different stock exchanges. At the same time, their number is constantly growing. It is important to understand that not all cryptocurrencies have their own network since most are released on top of another blockchain.

Is Cryptocurrency Popular in Gambling?

One of the best aspects of blockchain technology is its transparency. This means that a business that uses a public chain can make its activity completely open. Each user can check the promises given by the company. One of the potential applications for this kind of openness is gambling and online casinos with cryptocurrency, also known as the gambling industry.

5 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies in Online Casinos

It is notable that blockchain technology is built of neutral objects known as blocks. Each block is interconnected in a network, which is known as a chain of blocks. The way the blocks are formed and an entry in them (the transaction) that passes through the chain must have the correct value in each previous block. This leads to a much higher level of fairness (neutrality) and accuracy, as well as transparency.

What Cryptocurrency is the Best for Exchange between the Platforms

Many users of a particular crypto exchange are facing the question – how to transfer the cryptocurrency from one exchange to another? The answer is simple: you need to go to the exchange, where funds will be transferred to create the purse of the desired currency and transfer funds to it. However, it is still not completely clear what currency to choose.