Is Winstars Blockchain-based Gambling any Good?

Is Winstars Blockchain-based Gambling any Good

The use of blockchain in various establishment seems to be still expanding. Due to the high security provided and the decentralization of the control, most establishments have come to trust the blockchain platform in recent years. Winstars is the hot new player in this field.

What is Winstars and How Does It Work?

It is a blockchain-based website which is used mainly for the major gambling games like classic cards games (blackjack) and other prominent gambling games. If everything goes as planned it won’t be long before we see this bitcoin casino reviewed and recommended by journalists at and other publications.

Although the whole concept of blockchain and gambling is still very new to some people, this revolutionary market is already proving to be a secure and profitable market for interested parties.

The Winstars platform is created for games developed by 3rd-party game developers. The game developers then go the extra mile carefully designing a common ground where an honest, secure, and open game will be played and storing the result of the games simultaneously.

The cherry on the many qualities this platform provides is that the result of the played games is determined with complete discretion by the platform’s own random number generation tool. The outcome of the played game is accumulated, and the participants of that game are assured of their equal and fair chance to become a winner.

Properties and Advantages of Winstars

The most significant advantage of this platform is that the developers share parts of the profit made from this platform randomly with the users. It is in itself the first and most important characteristic of this gambling blockchain platform. This feature has already given Winstars an advantage in this emerging market.

The platform also boasts fairness and open games. It is a decentralized platform which guarantees the fairness and the fact that no fraud is involved in the published result.

To achieve this, Winstars deploys blockchain and smart-contracts that can’t be altered and contain in itself useful information on the time of the game played and the type of game played on the platform as well as a result received.

Also, Winstars employ a referral scheme which is subdivided into three level. The Primary level brings 5% of their money lost or won on the platform, secondary level account for -3% while the third brings -2%. It is worth to note that there are no limitations to the referrals on the platform.

It is evident that earning is the ultimate goal of Winstars. The platform developers expect that Winstars’ obvious advantages will pull a continuous inflow of new users daily. And because Winstars game needs cryptocurrency, there will be a constant increase in the players on the platform.

Winstars boasts security, fairness, and openness of the played games and the ability to distribute the wealth created within the network of registered users and referred users on the platform. These kinds of advantages make it a promising project.